Segment Security

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Asset Protection
Brand Protection
Govt. Documents
Asset Protection
Brand Protection
Passports, Visas, Identification Cards
Tax Stamps
For high security applications of government documents, Segment Security provides both turnkey solutions and covert taggants for passports and visas.

The company sets itself apart with the multitude of security layers, both overt (observable with the human eye) and covert protections. When bringing our high security holography combined with microdots and other taggants, we confidently stand behind our product offering.
Governments are able to secure their tax revenue on imported items, controlled substances, and other goods and services when using a high security tax stamp. When counterfeitting groups are unable to copy the security, governments will notice a significant increase in their tax revenue.

Segment Security offers both full tax stamps and security taggants such as hot stamping foil and microdots.

Excellence in holography and innovation in asset protection